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Personal Configuration
Your Personal Configuration identifies the core phases of development or perspectives through which you consistently interpret your life's experience. It is based on the STAGES Model, a new theory and assessment method for human development based on decades of evidence based research by Terri O'Fallon, PhD.
The Personal Configuration indicates:
1) a variety of aspects of experience, such as: thoughts, emotions and your collective experiences, as well as your vulnerabilities (challenges), and strengths (gifts) 
2) ways you approach balance between these aspects of your life, and
3) provides practical recommendations for further learning, growth and development.
The position on the Map is very precise and it is linked to specific practices so the developmental path is as functional and efficient as possible.
The phase of development through which experience is interpreted is a belief system that describes how you are likely to think, feel and behave in various areas of life or situations. Each phase has its own vulnerabilities (challenges) and strengths (gifts).
The STAGES Model makes the most subtle and explicit distinctions at the high end of the personal developmental spiral and includes ego transcendent perspectives.
Your Personal Configuration
is your position on the KALM Map
at the time of the assessment
and for the specific issue presented.
Your Personal Configuration is
your Kosmic Address,
according to Ken Wilber's nomenclature.
You can choose among several Personal Configuration option, depending on the level of depth that you are looking for in your assessment: Coordinates, Capacities (+ Coordinates) and Contexts (Coordinates + Capacities).
All of them include the circuits or practices.

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Why request the Personal Configuration?


  • deepen your understanding of how you interpret or make meaning and what influences your daily strategies and activities

  • gain greater understanding of our relationships and strategies of communication with others

  • learn your stage or worldview of perspective development

  • receive personal communication on your assessment that highlights your particular learning strategies, vulnerabilities (challenges), strengths (gifts)

  • gain a picture of where you are in your developmental path and what is next for you

  • with optional coaching, gain a deeper understanding of the personal implications of your Personal Configuration, as well as personal development learning, growing, developmental and awakening practices that you can put into use immediately.

What's in your Personal Configuration?

You can choose among several Personal Configuration packages, depending on the level of depth that you are looking for in your assessment:
  • Coordinates,
  • Capacities (+ Coordinates) and
  • Contexts (Coordinates + Capacities).
All of them include:
  • where you are on your personal developmental path, your position on the KALM Map

  • the challenges that slow or arrest your development

  • your capacities

  • your developmental path

  • the practices to walk the path

See below for the specific content of each Personal Configuration package.

For whom is the

Personal Configuration?

  • if you feel stuck, or you feel you want to move forward and you keep meeting the same challenges time after time

  • if you are looking for a new interpretation of your existence

  • if you want to understand and accelerate your growth

  • if you have spiritual experiences and you can't integrate them in your life

How to obtain your Personal Configuration?

  • Book here your PC

  • You will receive an e-mail from Almu inviting you to an exploratory session that will take place online

  • within 2-3 weeks from the exploratory session, you will receive and e-mail with your Personal Configuration in PDF format

  • If you have booked a coaching session, your coach will get in touch with you to schedule the coaching session, in which you will review your results and its implications for your learning, growing, development and awakening strategies

Personal Configuration Options


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Assessment of your Coordinates on the KALM Map: here and now starting point

Your position on the map for a particular circumstance or event at a particular time It is the starting point of The Game of Awakening.

It includes:

  • The contracted reaction or tendency to react during your low moments.

  • The  natural response  or general tendency.

  • The expanded response or tendency during your best moments.

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 Assessment of your capacities at this time, associated to the coordinates.

It includes the following capacities:

  • quadrant Typology:

Visionary, Entrepreneur, Organizer and Collaborator.

  • KALM Cycle (state and process):

Observing, Exploring, Alternating and Simultaneity.

Coordinates Capacities.

  • Codes or Lines of Development: prEssence

Cognitive, Emotional, Somatic, Behavioral, Systemic, Perceptual, Perspectival and Relational.


Coordinates +



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Assessment of your competencies in different contexts

Identification of the way you interpret your experience in different contexts and the corresponding competencies.

The following contexts are included:






Free time/Travel








Coordinates +

Capacities  +



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Assessment of your KALM Circuits:

Practices and Portals

Identification of your access portals to KALM and the circuits that will help you go through them at this time.

It includes suggestions as to how to enact them and activate the circuits that are inactive or dysfunctional.

Circuits included with all options


Almu B&W.jpg

Personal Configuration debrief coaching session

It is an informative session, yet also clarifying that will help you understand and integrate the information from your Personal Configuration and its implications regarding your learning and development.

The session is informative, healing and it will catalyze evolution.

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The Art of KALM

The Art of KALM is the art of the Konscious ALignment Movement from our current Personal Configuration to KALM.

The Personal Configuration yields

the Way of Being that is our starting point,

showing with great precision the challenges that have blocked our goal until now.

In order to identify the destination that we want to reach, we follow the same process,

defining the New Way of Being that we desire.

Once the challenges are known in terms of the universal competencies of the KALM Cycle,

identifying the content or context in which they must be developed remains,

designing personalized practices and implementing them to reach the destination.

Putting the practice into action requires

smiling at the challenges in order to navigate, reframe and transcend them,

and EXPLORE the New Way of Being that we long for, that is, practice that which we want.

The New Way of Being, what we long for, is related to the expression of our talent and it is informed by our highest potential or the Sophistication of the Self. The best attitude to challenges is lightness, ease and joy, that is, to smile at the challenge

The Cycle iterates throughout our lives at multiple scales until it reaches its maximum potential. Should we not overcome a challenge, we will turn in cycles without evolving.

iKALM has mapped already existing practices to their corresponding phases of development, the fundamental competencies of the KALM Cycle and we are constantly designing and developing new practices.

Since this process is based on the universal competencies of development, it is valid both for personal and professional development, of individuals, couples, groups, teams, communities, etc.

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