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Our combined experience includes working with professionals from a diversity of disciplines and cultures:

companies, architecture, engineering, information technology, NGOs, health sciences, fashion, tourism, education, permaculture and sustainable development, health research policy, mothers, fathers, farmers,  etc. 


in organisations such as:

Vodafone, Volvo, Iberdrola, BricoMart, Lundbeck, Copenhaguen's City Hall, WHO, UNDP, NH Hotels, Disney Spain, MAKRO, Inditex, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, many Spanish hospitals, research policy institutions and research centers in European countries, Central and South America, Africa and Asia, European Commission.

in countries such as:

Spain, Denmark, France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Rumania, India, Egypt, Malta, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Canada, USA.

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Molecular Biologist,

Integral Master Coach by Integral Coaching Canada

Personal Configuration,

Integral Mindfulness,

Systems and Nature,

Kashmir Yoga,

”KALM Methodolgy and Kosmic Alignment Movement” Trainer, 

Dialectic challenge-talent-mastery, Certified in the model  of developmental psychology STAGES for psychotherapists and coaches,


KALM Design.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kinesiology and Acupuncture,

KALM Massage,


Holistic health: body, mind, energy and spirit,

Trainer of “KALM health”,

KALM Design.

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Trainer of 21st century Education, Pedagogical direction of "The Game of Awakening",

dialectic shadow-talent-mastery, Symphonies of Konsciousness,

Gene Keys, 


Musical Therapy and sound, therapeutic theater,

Tachyon Energy, 

“IssI Gallery, Culture and Art”,

Yoga of Kashmir,

KALM design.

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