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iKALM's mission is to facilitate access to KALM independent of circumstances.

iKALM's vocation is to contribute to reduce suffering (stress, depression, anxiety, identity crisis, somatization of psychological suffering as physical conditions that may or may not lead to addictions and allergies) through:

  • Creating community and processes of learning, growing, transforming and waking up based on the fundamental competencies of development.

  • The assessment of your Current Personal Configuration that shows where you are on the map of access portals to KALM and your KALM path.

  • The Art of KALM, individual or group sessions that foreground KALM.

  • Recognize our ESSENTIAL nature: IAMKALM. 

  • Promote KALM through the KALM School for therapists, educators, counselors, coaches, mediators, facilitators, occupational therapists, health care providers, spiritual directors, entrepreneurs, etc. 

  • Design Alignment processes for projects, organizations, schools, systems, etc. 

  • Contribute to create a KALM culture through KALM networks.

  • Individuals, organizations, systems and help professionals



A KALM Existence/Experience independent of circumstances for individuals, collectives and organizations.

iKALM's methodology facilitates entry to the best and brightest of worlds, a possibility that has only recently been accessible, when the practices from the old wisdom traditions such as Mindfulness, have been integrated with the leading edge evolutionary and revolutionary views and technologies, such as integral theory.

KALM is always available because it is the experience of the ESSENCE that we are. When we recognize KALM as our ESSENCE, it is understood that psychological suffering is unnecessary and we can foreground the experience of KALM independent of circumstances. This does not mean that we will not experience pain, but that we do not add psychological suffering to the pain. Pain and pleasure are an inevitable part of the experience of being alive and the subjective experience of KALM is possible both through pain and pleasure. Depression, anxiety, stress and identity crisis, are the most prevalent type of suffering in our Western societies. They can all, in turn, lead to addiction, another very common manifestation of suffering.


The recognition of KALM as the experience of who we are is the basis for the reduction of suffering. The KALMer our experience, the less we suffer.

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iKALM is the creator, promotor and catalyst of KALM as art and the Konscious ALignment Movement (KALM) with KALM, promoting the development of horizontal competencies of awakening and evolution that, in turn, contribute to increase the subjective experience of KALM.

KALMing is ESSENTIAL therapeutic, evolutionary and integrated coaching, based on the Konscious ALignment Movement.

iKALM unifies:

  • Awakening with personal Evolution or Development along the developmental scale

  • Mental states with Developmental Structures on the Current Personal Configuration, or the way of interpreting experience. 

  • Freedom (liberation or dissolution of the separate self) with Fulfillment (the manifestation that is most aligned with Essence)

  • Ultimate Wisdom with modern technologies.


Konscious ALignment Movement:

  • is the dynamic Movement of the  KALM Map towards KALM. The KALM Map shows the evolution of the interpretation of experience throughout our life and its phases of development.

  • it consists on iterations of the KALM Cycle, that identifies the specific and necessary competencies for each phase of development. It includes competencies that are receptive and active and their reciprocity and simultaneity depending on the phase of development.

  • is ALignment or recognition of our Essential nature, that translates as absence of resistance, happiness and flowing with life.

  • Konscious is awareness of movement as ESSENCE; ESSENCE in movement aware of itself or self aware, awareness of all manifestation as ESSENCE in movement.

  • can take place at many scales: one moment, one day, one year, one lifetime.

  • it can span several cycles simultaneously in different areas of our life.

  • The combination of our position on the map, or Current Personal Configuration, with the necessary competencies for that position and the practices to develop them, provide a detailed path of personal development and contribute to reduce the unnecessary experience of psychological suffering and to increase the subjective experience of KALM independent of circumstances.

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