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Access Portals to  KALM

Konscious ALignment Movement

with KALM

I AM already KALM

What is KALM?
How to access KALM?
KALM, what for?
Rocas del océano
Pacífica velas y flores
What is KALM?
  • the subjective experience of peace that is available in all experience

  • a transformational process that guides and trains you to experience KALM  independent of circumstances.

  • the initials of Konscious ALignment Movement.

  • a map of access portals or framework that show the KALM path: the KALM map.

  • a process that spins the map: the KALM Cycle.

  • a series of specific practices to recognize KALM,

  • the fuel that propels the movement.

  • Inner peace is reflected in our whole experience: health, work, relationships with others and with the environment.

Rocas del océano
How to access KALM?
  • through Brief KALM Moments repeated during the day.

  • the Konscious ALignment Movement with KALM until it is recognised that KALM is always already present independent of circumstances.

  • Through KALM access portals, identified on the KALM map.

  • Smiling in the face of challenges.

  • Serving with your talent.

  • Sophistication of Being.

  • Exploring your Kreativity.

  • Practicing the State of Being KALM until it is established as a Way of Being KALM. 

  • All of this through the KALM CYCLE.

  • Creating KALM networks and relationships.

Nubes de tormenta
Who is KALM for?

For those who suffer:

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • loneliness

  • confusion

  • sadness

  • identity or spiritual crisis 

  • separation 

  • disconnection

  • fatigue or lack of vitality

  • lack of concentration or self confidence

  • difficulty making decisions

  • transitions

  • addictions and allergies

  • illness

For those who seek understanding of why they are here and what is their Essential nature. 

Niños jugando
KALM, what for?
  • Reduce the experience of psychological suffering and the physical and existential suffering attached to it

  • increase the subjective experience of KALM, Freedom and Fulfilment 

  • optimise the response to pain

  • increase happiness and joie de vivre

  • awaken to your Essence 

  • activate your talents and actualize them 

  • evolve towards a broader and deeper understanding that is in alignment with our historical time 

  • align body, mind and meta-awareness with the KALM that we already are

  • so we are able to experience physical calm, mental Calm and meta-aware KALM 

  • in all areas of life and dimensions of experience

  • let go of stress, depression, anxiety and suffering 

  • recognize, without a doubt, that KALM is the experience of our one Essence. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 09.19.34.png
What does iKALM offer?
  • Individual or group KALM sessions, cultivating the art of KALM 

  • Assessment of your Personal Configuration to date, your coordinates on the KALM Map and KALM access portals.

  • KALM gatherings, games, personalized or group workshops

  • Videos

  • Articles

  • Meditations

  • Conferences

  • Training courses for therapists, educators, entrepreneurs, spiritual directors,  facilitators, coaches, etc.

  • Online KALM gatherings.

  • Our intention is to create a KALM network through all the gatherings.

  • We invite you to suggest other offerings.

Who is KALM for?
What does iKALM offer?
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