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The Art of KALM

is therapeutic, ESSENTIAL and developmental


 Access Portals to KALM
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Personal Configuration with Almu

Assessment of your position on the KALM integral map from which you experience and interpret the events and circumstances in your Life, your KALM coordinates. Your Current Personal Configuration is a still picture of your address on a dynamic map. It shows your developmental path and the tools that can help you walk the path. 

You will receive your personal configuration in graphic form and a detailed report that includes your recommended next steps. 

It takes place in two sessions: 

an interview and a debrief with Almu.

Sessions are online in Spanish and English.

Book a session with Almu

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KALM Session with Almu

Almu's sessions focus on alignment of KALM with the highest degree of complexity and depth that you have access to, identifying blockages and defining the next steps of your evolutionary journey. She seamlessly weaves growing up with waking up. You will learn and practice tools to practice being KALM until you feel  KALM as the experience of your essential nature independent of circumstances. 

Almu's sessions are in English and Spanish.

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Marta publcada 001_IMGA0553-Editar.jpg

KALM Session with Marta

Marta's sessions focus on the appearances that are the core of our identity, recognizing them as ephemeral objects and foregrounding our unchanging true nature.

The sessions focus on the recognition of the Witness andiron-dual Consciousness, until the recognition impregnates every moment. The non-dual consciousness (or the simple feeling of being) is omnipresent and it is already 100% present in consciousness right now. It can be recognized any moment... Each person access it through a different portal and knowing which portal determines the encounter with our essential nature which is unyielding KALM.

With Marta you will learn to identify that Consciousness which is not a change of state, but a realization that it is always present, through all appearances and changes of waking, dream and dreamless states, of a timeless and unchanging Presence that is prior to "the individual I with which you identify." 

She uses more than 120 meditations from different wisdom traditions, combined with Aeroyoga, Integral Mindfulness, Musical therapy, etc.

Marta's sessions are in Spanish or English, face to face in La Coruña or Teneriff or through Skype.

The first session lasts 2 hour, including conversation, diagnosis and planning of practices. The follow up sessions can last 90 or 60 minutes.

For more information and to book a session, write to Marta:

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 KALM Health with Karina

Kinesiologist, accupuncturist and reflexologist. I have worked as an integrated health practitioner for 27  years, combining food, natural medicine, mental reframing work and physical treatment in order to change focus, habits, and excuses to a currency of insight, ability and new responsibility. My deepest interrest is to help people with health issues or existential challenges to understand how they are the key to their own recovery and healing. I am ever curious and a constant student of life and the diverse expressions of life. The transformation of energy and KALM is what drives me to always seek the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to bring order and organization to energy astray. I work with people with all kind of diagnosis. E.g. allergies, infections, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, joint issues (different kinds of rheumatisms) fibromyalgia, cronic fatigue disorder, migraines and headaches, hormonal imbalances, hyper-hypogycemia, skin eruptions and eczema, digestion issues, reoccurring infections, sleep disorders. anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and many more.

I do not work with psychiatric diagnosis.


Sessions are done either in person in Copenhagen or on the phone (skype, facetime etc.) The first session will  always be 90 minutes including conversation, making the plan for eating, natural medicine, exercises physical and/or mental in order to give way to KALM in all aspects. A non severe health issue could be 1-3 sessions, a severe health issue could be 4-8 sessions. I expect my clients to fully participate in their own process. Follow up sessions can be 90 or 60 minutes.

Karina's sessions are in English, French and Danish. 

For information and to book a session write to Karina:

Image by Harli  Marten


Is it possible to perceive free of psychological interference?

Free of the superposition of a "me" that always takes the space of attention with its constant opinion regarding what should or should not be happening now?

Be open to the possibility that whatever it is that you like in a thing, it's not the thing itself, bu that out of which the thing appears, of which it is an expression and extension.

A space, a silence….

When we enter this silence, a natural unconditioning begins to occur that makes clear that that happens ALREADY IS 

This timeless now becomes self evident.

Where everything is ALREADY complete


For more information and reservations, write to:

Vaquero y caballos salvajes

KALM Gatherings with Almu

Personalised retreats in a boutique hotel in the Alicante countryside. It includes spa sessions, ayurveda food analysis and coaching sessions with Almu. You can add yoga, massage and holistic therapies at your convenience or as recommended by Almu. They are the perfect opportunity to dedicate special time to know yourself deeper, to find out what you really want and how to reach it, with Almu as a specialized guide that will open paths that you may not even have dreamt of.

For more information, reservations and prices click here:

Lago y de las montañas

KALM Gatehrings with Marta and Almu

Personalized retreats that include:

  • two sessions with Almu to assess your Current Personal Configuration (Skype)

  • one 4 hour session with Marta to walk the territory of your Personal Configuration, illumine its shadows and your next steps (in Tenerife)

  • one integration session with Almu and Marta (Skype)


Retreats DO NOT include: room and board


For more information, contact:

+34 615 394 069




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