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Access Portals to KALM

Konscious ALignment Movement with KALM Essence

I AM already KALM

your guide and facilitator to inner peace in daily life independent of circumstances
What is KALM?
How to access KALM?
Who is KALM for?


  • the subjective experience of peace that is available in all experience

  • a transformational process that guides and trains you to experience KALM independent of circumstances. It is available through the KALM School, events, retreats and individual sessions with one of our KALM Masters.

  • the initials of Konscious ALignment Movement.

  • a map of access portals or framework that show the KALM path: the KALM map.

  • a process that spins the map: the KALM Cycle.

  • a series of specific practices to recognize KALM, the fuel that propels the movement. 

  • Inner peace is reflected in our whole experience: health, work, relationships with others and with the environment.


  • Brief KALM Moments repeated during the day.

  • through the Konscious ALignment Movement with KALM until it is recognised that KALM is always already present independent of circumstances.

  • Through KALM access portals, identified on the KALM map.

  • Smiling when facing challenges.

  • Serving with your talent.

  • Sophistication of Being.

  • Exploring your Kreativity.

  • Practicing the State of Being KALM until it is established as a Way of Being KALM. 

  • All of this through the KALM CYCLE.

  • Creating KALM networks.


For those who suffer:

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • loneliness

  • confusion

  • sadness

  • identity or spiritual crisis 

  • separation 

  • disconnection

  • fatigue or lack of vitality

  • lack of concentration or self confidence

  • difficulty making decisions

  • transitions

  • addictions and allergies

  • illness

For those who seek understanding of why they are here and what is their Essential nature. 


  • Reduce the experience of psychological suffering and the physical and existential suffering attached to it

  • increase the subjective experience of KALM, Freedom and Fulfilment 

  • optimise the response to pain

  • increase happiness and joie de vivre

  • awaken to your Essence 

  • activate your talents and actualize them 

  • evolve towards a broader and deeper understanding that is in alignment with our historical time

  • align body, mind and meta-awareness with the KALM that we already are

  • so we are able to experience physical calm, mental Calm and meta-aware KALM 

  • in all areas of life and dimensions of experience

  • let go of stress, depression, anxiety and suffering 

  • recognize, without a doubt, that KALM is the experience of our one Essence. 

KALM, What for?
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