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Professional Configuration
The  Professional Configuration
is your position on the KALM Professional Map at the time of the assessment and for the specific professional competencies being assessed.
It consists on an online interview of approximately 90 minutes.
The assessment will be captured on a written report that will be sent via email.
The report includes the elements described below.
a coaching session is optional, yet recommended, to share the results and clear any doubts after reading the report.

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Why apply for the

Professional Configuration?

  • to know your capacity and competencies as a KALM professional

  • to be part of a community of KALM professionals

  • to accelerate your development as a KALM professional

What is included in the

Professional Configuration?

  • where you are in your professional development in the context of the KALM Map

  • the challenges that slow your advance as a KALM professional

  • your capacity and competencies as a KALM professional

  • your deveopmental path as a KALM professional

  • the circuits to follow and enact the path


The position on the map is very precise and it has competencies and trainings associated for each phase of development as a KALM professional and for your clients or patients.

Professional Configuration


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Assessment of your Coordinates on the KALM Map: here and now starting point

Your position on the map for a particular circumstance or event at a particular time It is the starting point of The Game of Awakening.

It includes:

  • The contracted reaction or tendency to react during your low moments.

  • The naturalresponse  or general tendency.

  • The expanded response or tendency during your best moments.


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 Assessment of your capacities at this time, associated to the coordinates. 

It includes the following capacities:

  • quadrant Typology:

Visionary, Entrepreneur, Organizer and Collaborator.

  • KALM Cycle (state and process):

Observing, Exploring, Alternating and Simultaneity.

Coordinates Capacities.

  • Codes or Lines of Development: prEssence

Cognitive, Emotional, Somatic, Behavioral, Systemic, Perceptual, Perspectival and Relational.


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Assessment of your KALM Circuits: 

Practices and Portals 

Identification and codification of your KALM portals that you have access to at this point and the circuits that you can use to help others go through them at this time.

It includes suggestions as to how to enact them and activate the circuits that are inactive or dysfunctional.


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Assessment of your competencies in different contexts

Identification of the way you interpret your experience in different contexts and the corresponding competencies.

The following contexts are included:








and the contexts specific to your professional activity.


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Professional Configuration debrief coaching session

It is an informative session, yet also clarifying that will help you understand and integrate the information from your Personal Configuration and its implications in your learning and development.

The session is informative, healing and it will catalyze your evolution.

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