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The Art of KALM

it's therapeutic,


and developmental


Access Portals to KALM
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Professional Configuration with Almu

Assessment of your address on the helping profession KALM Map out of which you experience and interpret your reality, and therefore, out of which you hold sessions with your clients/patients. The professional Configuration identifies and codifies your professional competencies according to the KALM Map. You will receive your Personal Configuration in graphic form along with a detailed written description.

It takes place in two sessions, an interview and a debrief with Almu.

The sessions are online in Spanish and English.

Book here.

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KALM Supervision with Almu

Coaching supervision sessions utilising the KALM methodology. 

The sessions are online in Spanish and English.

Book here.

Vaquero y caballos salvajes

KALM Professional Gatherings

Coming soon...


School of KALM Professionals

Coming soon...

1 Professional Configuration
2 KALM Supervision
3 Professional GAtherings
4 School of KALM Professionals
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